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It's the March of the Typewriter project! Yes, I'm fucking taking forever and this might go into April. MARCH into April, as it were. Heh. Oh, keep quiet.
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Get it? LITTLE THINGS?! From here.

TOPIC: Beautiful Minutia

This topic comes from the funk queen of the universe [ profile] warriorpoet:

"Gush about a little piece of something you love. Like one shot in a film, or one chord change in a song. Love and appreciation of a meaningful thing on a microscopic level."

I FUCKING LOVE THIS QUESTION. So, so, SO many ways this could go! I love all so many little things in big things that I love.
Edith Massey's lines in my favorite film of all time Polyester, but especially the "au currant!" line! The way Vivien Leigh says "DuBois" when she gives her name to Karl Malden in A Streetcar Named Desire! But no, I'm limiting myself to just one thing. Just one, Benjamin.

You know u curious... )
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More about it here.

This would’ve been funnier/cleverer if they hadn’t used it for a female candidate. Enough misogyny, already.
Leaps and bounds more acceptable (opening bars of a) song: "Johnny Are You Queer".
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Still enjoy this catchy tune from '04.

I do roll my eyes a little at the irony of Germans lecturing about imperialism, though.

And that they're expressing it in two mediums (rock and the music video) that originated in America.
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Play this song all the way through and I dare you to be unhappy. Actually... no, but it's still a fabulous version of a fabulous song.

The fan video is clever, too.
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Just in case you somehow missed it, this was the Google doodle for what would've been Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday. I officially forgive Google for not commemorating Tennessee Williams's 100th birthday this year (but they better get him next year at 101).

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If you watch this and aren't moved, you have no soul.

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Gil Scott-Heron

1949- 2011

Poet, musician, writer, pioneer, genius.
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Like I told my cousin Shannon recently, I need to make a pilgrimage to Divine's grave. Start up a tradition ala Edgar Allan Poe, but with poppers and hairspray (or cha cha heels) instead of wine and roses. Sigh! ♥
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Bill Withers will always be the ONLY one who should do his songs and while it’s sad this song got eaten by so many truly shitty versions and advertisers, it still stands up, particularly this version.

Give for Japan— even if all you can afford are prayers.
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Created by stfucrazyface. Thanks as always go to [ profile] meaculpa_g who seems to always find the awesome in the feminist blogoverse.

Listen to the song here!

Pro-Choice Parody of Forget You

See you tryin’ to take the rights
From the sisters I love
And I’m like, forget you
I guess the rape redefinition
Wasn’t enough
And I’m like, forget you
And your dumb laws too
The Rest of the Lyrics So You Can Sing Along! )
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I've been thinking of this song a lot, especially watching the news today.

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Although our Thanksgiving is in September, why miss out on an opportunity to share some goodwill. Here's happy vid spam, some old, some brand new, all joyous.

It Gets Better... )
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Okay, although my first thought (being a retail vet and having actually worked for Target) was

"Why punish the people that work in the stores? They aren't the scum that approved that garbage!"

But seeing most the employees in the video delighted and clapping along (and talking to current Target employees that are horrified by the company's actions), I am for this and choreographed dance numbers breaking out in general.

Dammit, Target! Make this shit right! You're a company that it's actually hard to boycott!
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Possibly my most beloved Cole Porter song (well, the most beloved Cole Porter song that doesn't have any dirty lyrics) has posed me a pleasant conundrum on a recent YouTube surf.

I have a special spot in my heart for the Irving Aaronson and his Commanders version (see at the end of Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)):

But then I hear the Irène Bordoni version...

Which version do you think is better, any fellow Jazz age geeks?

This is one of those songs I actually know by heart and think I can sing* and generally do if asked. I'm tellin' ya, my dream job is a Jazz age torch singer/cabaret parasite.

* "Sing" meaning "imitate version I've heard like a myna bird imitates a car alarm".
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Actress, singer, activist, and ground-breaker.


RIP Lena Horne

1917 - 2010
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Merry Christmas & I highly recommend this album.

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