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Knowing I have many like-minded on my f-list that might be hunting for a good icon (or who'd enjoy such an icon), [Bad username or site: @] has produced some fabulous feminism-themed icons here. The last calls to mind one bullet (ha!) we dodged from the VP seat a couple years ago. Enjoy, comment, credit, kiddies.
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As per usual when I find fabulous icons, I must pass them along (particularly in these very sad days without my hard drive). For fans of the "Mr/Little Miss" series, here's some lolarious parodies. Probably NSFW (but the writing is super small); I'm becoming a big fan of [Bad username or site: @]'s stuff.
Shiny new default icon (you know you were looking at it) courtesy of [Bad username or site: @] from art made by Colorblindme.
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Hello, icon-lovers! Announcement of new, pretty GLBT (and GLBT supportive) icons! And yes, they really do have ALL the letters in the GLBT. I'm particularly fond of #58. Do check 'em all out here! Credit [ profile] croatoan6000.
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Icon lovers on my list, there's a fabulous batch of icons you need to see here, created by [Bad username or site: @]. Warning: artistic female nudity. Beautiful sets from Leonard Nimoy's kickass The Full Body Project (please see his wonderful interview on The Colbert Report here and celebrate him for the feminist he is) and from Women at Large.

We easily forget that beauty can come in all sizes and "fat" doesn't automatically equal "unhealthy" (nor thin = healthy). There's also some lovely icons of the Venus of Willendorf (Ancient Mother I hear You calling...).

So Gay!

Nov. 2nd, 2009 06:10 pm
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For all the GLBT and GLBT-supports on my f-list, if I may alert you to a fabulous post of GLBT icons. I know many of you have been looking for some and these are, well, fabulous (and genuinely GLBT). I'm still deciding on which to steal.
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I'm now up to episode 15 (or rather, BACK to episode 15; I'm working backwards, which is always smart) of The Bugle. God fucking damn I can't believe I've gone this long without it. I listen to it while making "art" and especially icons.

Speaking of icons... would you have an icon you'd like to see made? I can't make them on my own for whatever reason, I have to be poked along with a request. Such is the fickle nature of my Muses. At any rate, if there's anything that you feel must be an LJ icon, hit a sistah up, k? The only thing I can't do is animation/flash. Just don't have the tech, although I wish like hell I did. And speaking of icons yet again! I can't believe I used to get by on just fifteen icons. I have my 105 and they're all full and I'm eager for more. Why doesn't LJ have a crack option if you've got an icon addiction? Sounds reasonable, at least to me.

I'm considering who I want to be a Hottie From History. I'm fighting any suggestions from the 20th century, although that is generally the area of my historical expertise. Okay, not expertise, but "know lots aboutishness". And I'm curious as to how obscure the figures have to be.
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I have now filled all 105 of my 105 icons. My time is WELL SPENT!
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I'd like to once again bestow my deepest, deepest, crazy deepest thanks to the two gorgeous babes who made my journal so pretty and who have allowed me to fill up my icon storage with all kinds of fun, crazy shit. [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @], you biyaatches rock mai SOCKS!

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