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Also on my wishlist is that the LiveJournal graphic for this will include MY religion, you know, the real reason for the season? Thank you.
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My wish is not to fall prey to such contests because I am a greedy, greedy, greedy little pig.


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In a perfect world, Michael Bay (and creators like the abominations The Smurfs, G-Force, and so on) would have to panhandle to get his (and their) shit made, and this doc would have no problem coming into creation.
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From here:

Shrimpton Couture- Lulu’s #1 Pick

Shrimpton Couture won my #1 spot this year as well as last because of the quality of their website and photos, the beauty, quality and range of eras of their merchandise.

Shrimpton couture12
1920’s dress with pink sequins, pink and silver beads.
34” Chest, 36” Waist and 40” Hips
You can purchase this dress for $2,200- over at Shrimpton CoutureMore Gorgeous Things-- Come On, You Know You Wanna See... )

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If I can't find the Cat Power version of "Space Oddity", the terrorists will have won. I've thought this for some time (but have only been smart enough to look for the commercial on YouTube recently).
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Whilst paging through [Bad username or site: @], I found this post:

In light of some really horrible things that have been happening in the lives of my chosen family and friends as of late, I've been feeling really ineffectual. In most of the cases, there's not squat that I can do to change circumstances for them. That said, I'm trying to do my best to assist where and when I can.

Which leads me to the following...

Back in February, I met a terrifically talented grrl ([Bad username or site: @]) and her daughter at a con. She's been making a go of it as a costumer and crafter, but with the economy the way it is, finances have been tight for them. Right now, she's in rather dire straits and is mounting a campaign to raise funds to make sure that she and her family are secure.

Currently (through June 10th) she's offering her custom Victorian corsets that usually sell for $300 for only $150. While I don't know her terribly well, I can wholeheartedly vouch for the quality of her work. They're very well made and sturdily steel boned to provide a lovely display of cleavage...oh...and they're absolutely beautiful!

Take a peek at her work for yourself and read more about her offer...

Even if a new corset is a bit out of your budget, please feel free to cross-post or link to this post. You'll be supporting an independent artisan and getting a great piece of handmade wearable art in the process for a great price!

$150 for a corset!?! And to help out a struggling (apparently very talented) independent crafter?! If you were ever going to buy a corset, now would be the time.
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I'm thinkin' of making a Zoloft mood theme. There's just too many cute little expressions. Why don't they make a Zoloft bump stuffed toy? SO FREAKING CUTE. Someone get on this, stat!

If you have any Zoloft bump images (I've collected quite a few from the Google search, but not enough), plz 2 b sharin'? I thank you in advance.

ADDENDUM: How awesome would an animated mood theme be? Too bad I can't do 'em. But a gif of the Zoloft bump waddling along sadly and one where he's bouncing happily would be too sweet!

FURTHER ADDENDUM: I'm pretty sure this isn't the sort of thing [Bad username or site: @] has, but big ups go to [Bad username or site: @] for pointing me in that direction before to shamelessly steal ideas.
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Okay, I stumbled across this set of dresses and how much do I want this one?

My figure responds best to that of the Post War era. Er... usually.
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Okay, since there's no way a movie like this will be shown anywhere near my shithole urban sprawl scumburb (no offense, other people that live here!), I'll have to go into Baltimore if I want to see it and I don't want to go alone! Damnation, someone needs to see this with me!

The book is incredible (I've read it) and this looks like an awesome movie.

*sighs, then kitty-eyes*
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What is it about Hello Kitty that can reduce me to the extremely creepy child I once was? I think Hello Kitty's fairly expressionless stare combined with the fact she has no mouth draws me in like the glare of light to lemming moths. Must... purchase... all... plush... That and she has millions of (almost) equally lovable/purchasable friends. I almost develop Japanophile tendencies with all the aggressive adorableness. While the Sanrio website has a lamentably light amount of plush, I still was able to find two plush toys that flat out told me to purchase them or else. Didn't you know stuffed animals are sentient beings? And that they can communicate through your monitor? Oh, come now, don't be ridiculous! Although plush Hello Kitty as a pirate is tempting (although they should issue a corresponding ninja kitty to appease everyone), the two that really got to me were Pandapple and especially Mashumaro, the latter sending waves of squealing through me like a deflated balloon or an rusty door hinge.

Go on, have a look!



I shall now endeavor to silence my inner child by immediately going back to being sour and moody. Frankly, I think my pop-up Sanrio infatuation has to do with my impending birthday, which will turn me further into a gnarled, bitter, crotchety old hag.

PS: Seriously! That puppet is so fucking cute I'm apoplectic! Jesus!
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6:06 AM, Monday, June 18th, 2007 will mark the twenty-fourth anniversary of my arrival into this life. Some have asked what I would like for my birthday, so I have compiled an abbreviated list. Ahem...

#1. The West Memphis Three finally freed

#2. The ability to disable the vocal cords of anyone who starts talking about American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, or Paris Hilton with my mind

#3. A new surgeon general that's competent for the job and not a complete and total asshole bigot

#4. A chance to punch Carlos Mencia, Snoop Dogg, Howard Stern, and Larry the Cable Guy in their respective throats

#5. The ability to roundhouse kick (I've been practicing)

#6. The chance to ask each and everyone of the Republican presidential candidates why they are homophobes, on camera, or, failing this, the chance to ask George Stephanopoulos why he's a racist, also on camera

#7. A license to kill good for a week, or really, just one day

#8. The chance to piss on Jerry Falwell's grave after dancing on it stark naked

#9. The chance to bitch-slap the members of the Supreme Court that voted in favor of the federal abortion ban

#10. An army of flying cats

#11. The chance to bitch-slap the entire "Focus on the Family" crowd

#12. The right to punch anyone who calls himself a pimp in the throat without retaliation (this includes individuals that are actually in fact pimps)

#13. The right to beat anyone who proudly announces that he or she doesn't read and/or isn't registered to vote with a pillow case full of batteries

#14. The chance to be a raving, creepy performance artist for a day on a busy street corner, with a secret service back-up in case critics get a mite hairy in bestowing their opinions

#15. The chance to try primal scream therapy in a crowded Wal-mart


That said, I also have a wish list on and a tendency to get squishy by anyone just remembering the fact it's my birthday.
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I'm taking a short break from feeling goddawful to ponder something that I really want, really bad. This!
One hundred and twenty-one! And stored in the upright position!
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If these weren't so expensive, I'd get one, or a couple. They're disconcerting and comforting at the same time.

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Sep. 8th, 2006 06:33 pm
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I probably have to post in this thing to have one, at least occasionally, right? All right.

I am consumed with glee. I've finally bought from Black Phoenix Alchemy and I eagerly await my first order (uh, not too eagerly; they make it fresh, so it takes awhile). If you have no idea what I'm talking about (a typical occurrence) click the beautiful bat chick below....

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