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There's been a considerable and laudable recent effort to abolish the troublesome "Real women have curves!" quasi-campaign in the collective progressive mindset (personal favorite here.

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Saw this on the Bisexuality Is Real - It Exists
group. I really want to like it, for some documentary to tell our story, about the fact bisexuality is a legitimate orientation and not a fetish, and about the discrimination we face from within the Queer community.

But I see Dan Savage, Michael Musto, and, to quote a commenter on the linked Facebook page, "the tone of bisexuals being drugged out party kids who take their sexual cues from TV and are only bi cause they are the 'whatever generation.'"

I guess if we were promiscuous but only within one gender, we wouldn't be "anything that moves", right? Sigh.

But I haven't seen the doc, so who knows, it might fly in the face of my expectations.
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For anyone left who hasn't seen this.

Yes, it'd be much, much, much better if it was LGBT rights since if someone's going to hate homosexuals, they ain't gonna hate bisexuals any less (in some cases, I've found it's more, because we're "confusing"), to say nothing of what trans people face.

And yes, I didn't need to see Lady Gaga, particularly her "Bless God and bless the gays!" bit.

But this is vital, so important, and still so necessary. Watch to see how far we've come and how far (obviously) we still have left to go. I'd love to see this doc get made, particularly if it's given a bigger presence to the B & T of LGBT.
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I’m not blacking out my page since I think the pop-ups only go so far. I have, however…

Better educated myself on the matter (which comes in handy when we get to the third thing)

Signed the petition

Contacted my representative (and laid into him for his support, but respectfully and articulately, and using his otherwise excellent record as a "Y U SUPPORT THIS!?!") and urged him to oppose SOPA

The internet is an invaluable tool that's spanned light-years beyond what it was imagined to accomplish. It's all the more important that we protect it against such legislation not just because it's in many cases literally a life-sustaining resource, but because SOPA opposes another invaluable tool and in many cases literally life-sustaining resource, freedom of speech.
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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one, two, and three just in case you're curious.) This was a library request.


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Still enjoy this catchy tune from '04.

I do roll my eyes a little at the irony of Germans lecturing about imperialism, though.

And that they're expressing it in two mediums (rock and the music video) that originated in America.
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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one and two, just in case you're curious.) This was a lend via a family member.


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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one and two, just in case you're curious.) This was a loan from a family member.


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I recently saw this group and I'm not sure how to feel.

I'm kinda annoyed by someone's comment:

"Many people are disappointed by David Barton's appearance on the Daily Show, as his stance on minority religions (that they shouldn't have constitutional rights) was completely glossed over. If you would like to see an intelligent journalist who stands for minority religions speak up for us on the Daily Show, go to this page and click "Like". Let's make it happen."

These are people I kinda get the feeling don't have any idea what The Daily Show is about (nor have actually watched it).

And I'm not one hundred percent (especially in the wake of Christine O'Donnell) sure I want my faith discussed on a comedy show, even a brilliant, extremely well-done show that is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Also, Jon had an accredited constitutional scholar on to pretty much dismiss Barton's claims. Why exactly do we need a parade of intellectuals on to highlight what we all already know? Barton is a fucking nutjob fringe moron.

Lastly, I'm not entirely sure how good a representation Jason Pitzl-Waters is, although not dressing ridiculously is a plus. He gives an interview here.

See what you think.
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Almost instantly a public debate arose when the announcement came late Sunday night that Osama bin Laden had been killed by Navy SEALs: is it okay to celebrate the death of a human being?

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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one and two, just in case you're curious.) This was a library request.


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Mar. 5th, 2011 10:24 am
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I'm finding myself disappointed in this article. I'm aware I'm not a mother so therefore I lack that insight. I realize that Valenti does, however fleetingly, point out a few of the injustices nursing mothers face.

But she fails to address the institutionalized misogyny that existed (and in some circles continues to exist) surrounding breast-feeding. For years, generations of women were told (almost always by male doctors in a male-dominated medical establishment) what their bodies produced naturally for their babies was inferior to one of any of the commercial formulas available. Breast-milk is still perceived by many as something disgusting and/or unhygienic and the idea of breast-feeding in public equal to masturbating in public.

Of course making the choice not to breast-feed shouldn't be treated as tantamount to child abuse. But the idea that the shaming of mothers who don't breastfeed is not only equal to but greater than the shaming of the act of breast-feeding in general is ridiculous. At least to me.
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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one and two, just in case you're curious.) This was a Solstice gift from La Goddesse Rouge [ profile] frozendoll from my list of demands Amazon wish list.


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A Few Points:

I. Respect Lady Bunny, she's a legend.

II. According to the credits, the actresses that portrayed the Palins are actually women. Which means Palin is still ripe for the ambitious drag queen!

III. The fat joke was, of course, unnecessary. I'm getting the feeling that Lady Bunny was trying to imply that's what Palin would say about her daughter, not a dig at Bristol actually being "fat", but it seems like a better joke would be "Bristol = The Knocked Up One (So Far!)".

IV. No, I don't support the idea that Loughner was influenced by Palin, particularly the cross-hairs on her website, nor do I think that he was even particularly influenced by her especially. But Palin's behavior regarding the whole deal was disgusting, period, which I believe is the point LB is making/celebrating.

V. Of course, not all Alaskans even tolerate Palin and rightfully resent her speaking for them. We have much wonderful vocal evidence of that. But I think by addressing "Alaska", LB is referring, tongue in cheek, to "Palin's Alaska".

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