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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one, two, and three just in case you're curious.) This was a library request.

FULL DISCLOSURE: M.G. Lord has become a friend of mine since I tracked her down on Facebook (hoping she had a personal page I could "fan") and she graciously tolerated my creepy, gushing fangirling of her seminal Forever Barbie (what Spin magazine deemed in its Riot Grrl issue essential Third Wave reading) which I voraciously consumed at fourteen and haven't been the same since.

FULL DISCLOSURE REGARDING FULL DISCLOSURE: I've been really looking forward to disclosing that.


From the Brilliant Cultural Historian M.G. Lord, an Intimate Examination of the Unexpected Feminist Content in Elizabeth Taylor's Iconic Roles.... )
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In a perfect world, Michael Bay (and creators like the abominations The Smurfs, G-Force, and so on) would have to panhandle to get his (and their) shit made, and this doc would have no problem coming into creation.
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Like I told my cousin Shannon recently, I need to make a pilgrimage to Divine's grave. Start up a tradition ala Edgar Allan Poe, but with poppers and hairspray (or cha cha heels) instead of wine and roses. Sigh! ♥
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Happy 65th to the one and only Pope of Trash! Don't forget to ask for the senior discount at Chuck-E-Cheese! In tribute, here's a plethora of YouTubeage, first a classic clip, then some of his stand-up from Coachella, his sharing of a personal ghost story, and lastly about the only redeeming thing about Justin Beiber.

If You are Lucky Enough to Be Gay...! )

Wonder what Bieber thinks of the, uh, anti-anti-choice scenes in Polyester?).
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The Fifty Books Challenge, year two! This was a special gift to me from [Bad username or site: @] for my birthday, complete with a autograph to ME from the Pope of Trash himself!


Glory-hole-lujah. Amen. )
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All About Evil Premiere
(with Peaches Christ & Mink Stole!)

Saturday, August 28th, 8pm
The Patterson Theater
3134 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, MD
$15, $13 members

Midnight movie impresario Peaches Christ (Joshua Grannell), returns to his home state of Maryland to premiere his film directorial debut: All About Evil. This twisted black comedy features Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Noah Segan, cult icon Mink Stole, and Cassandra Peterson (known better as Elvira!) Are the slasher films shown at the Victoria Theatre harmless DIY gore or....more?! Mink intros and Peaches performs before the screening! Q & A with Mink and Peaches after.

I've been invited to this by two friends of mine who are on the Creative Alliance committee. Anyone wanna come with me? You'd pay the reduced price and it's bound to be oddles of bizarre fun.

Here's the trailer:

Let's hope I don't start spazzing out like the Waters fangirl I am when I see Mink Stole and/or spazzing out when I see Natasha Lyonne who I've had a massive crush on since I was roughly sixteen. Good times.
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You have probably heard by now as I've been screaming it all over my various social networks that my father not only managed to get me Ralph Nader's autograph, but also a kick-ass story to go with it. I'll post a picture soon (I have a lot of pictures to post; how I miss HP Image Zone!) but in the meantime, here is a bit of utter gloriousness I discovered awhile back.

It's like some wonderful dream I had that somehow got captured on YouTube.

"You're turning into a straight man!"

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I received John Waters's "This Filthy World" for Solstice (I have a gift write-up post coming, honest) and I've been watching it over and over again (while I finish *cough* cards).



Here is a review of the show from a genuine foreigner:

That is all.

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I FAIL at updating things (as you've noticed) but over a month ago, the wonderful and supportive [ profile] anais_rhys gave me five words for the Five Words Meme.
Here they be!

Turn Down Lights (Where Applicable) )
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Audiences eat him up and Conan squirms uncomfortably. Excellence!
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So, you want to geek out about John Waters but don't know where to start? Let The AV Club be your guide. Courtesy The AV Club:

John Waters


by Keith Phipps, August 27, 2009
Get Your Geek On )

Polyester is my all time favorite movie ever made, so it's hard to argue with that. The rest checks out fairly well, too.

John Waters, you give me hope to carry on.
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Whilst researching graphics for my Baltimore is Love banner, I stumbled across this:


HILARITY. I tend to think of this song whenever I'm traveling and/or just pondering Baltimore. Skip to 5:28 to hear it (or just watch the whole dang movie: Pecker is excellent). I lament that the Greyhound bus station closest to me is actually in Dundalk (although they try to class it up by referring to it as "Baltimore"), not the Baltimore station they show in the movie.

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