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HELP ME OUT! Bumping Into Broadway, 1919

Stealing a meme from [ profile] queer_theory and I need your help! Except I'm not doing EVERY day in March, just a lot of them.

I want to blog at least once or twice a week here and I want to write about topics suggested by you, my long-suffering and awesome f-list. Specific questions, a general ideas, whatever. It can be about anything! Likes/dislikes, social justice/feminism, fandoms, silly or serious stuff, what have you. It can be in the format of the the "five things" meme if that's where your mind goes.


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Also on my wishlist is that the LiveJournal graphic for this will include MY religion, you know, the real reason for the season? Thank you.
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online gif creator

Tomorrow is !SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! so I thought I'd offer up my parents' (small) business, their online bookselling.

They take it very seriously and have got all kinds of rare books as well as bestsellers-- why not have a look?

Visit them on Amazon!

Visit them on Half Dot Com!

You'd be supporting not only a small business, but a family business. Pat yourself on the back!
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I hate myself for doing this, I truly do.

But I'm currently working on a children's book (no, really!) with a former work colleague of mine (she's writing, I'm illustrating) and it's going to really help with promotional crap if my art page is "impressive". By this, I mean my Facebook art page, as I'm currently pissed at DeviantArt and Facebook has FAR more exposure anyway (it's also a hell of a lot easier to update).

So here's where you are dragged in. If you could, could you please join my art page if you haven't already and pimp it to (invite) your friends? You have my undying gratitude.


Click the banner, it'll take you right to it.

My many thanks in advance and I really hate having to do this.
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I said I would and, low and behold, I did! I now have a Facebook page for my "art". Please join and tell your friends? You're a doll.
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Collecting testimonials for ye olde profile page! Please be so kind. I muchly enjoyed being referred to in product form. ^_^
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Would you people be so kind and so lovely as to comment my sorry little art page so it doesn't look so untended? I mean, I tend to it, obviously, but I would be ever so grateful if you were to plant a small (or big, or whatever suits you) hello and/or remark on my scrawlings. Much thankage in advance from the Rtist (WHO GETS THAT REFERENCE??!! ANYONE?! ANYONE?!).
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Please friend my friend, especially since that friend is me. I now have a site for my artwork and would be most delighted if you would find it in your kind little hearts to help me out.

Much obliged! :^D
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Hello, kind soul! It's not really the year 2000 as I type this, that's just a handy marking point. But enough chat, to the point!

By contributing to me, the walking charity case, you're ensuring I have some wonderful and unexplained money in my account. I'm not looking for hand-outs, I'm looking for work, but since work is scarce, I (seriously) can't turn down the well-intentioned with a few extra bucks. I offer two facts: #1, I have a long memory and #2, this fallow period is only temporary.


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