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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one, two, and three just in case you're curious.) This was a library request.


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Click on the pic above or here and scroll down until you see the box that looks like it (it’ll be on the right) and click YES and then VOTE!

The NAACP’s headquarters are in Baltimore and by showing your support for THEIR support for same-sex marriage in a poll of the city’s largest newspaper, we can make our voices of support heard.

You do NOT need to sign in/have a Baltimore Sun account to vote. SO PLEASE VOTE YES AND SPREAD THE WORD!
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Because I wanted this article here too. A little heavy on the jargon, but it makes some awesome points.
From here.


The Monosexual Privilege Checklist

Posted on July 28, 2011

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Short and to the point and a reminder of why marriage equality cannot wait.
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Saw this on the Bisexuality Is Real - It Exists
group. I really want to like it, for some documentary to tell our story, about the fact bisexuality is a legitimate orientation and not a fetish, and about the discrimination we face from within the Queer community.

But I see Dan Savage, Michael Musto, and, to quote a commenter on the linked Facebook page, "the tone of bisexuals being drugged out party kids who take their sexual cues from TV and are only bi cause they are the 'whatever generation.'"

I guess if we were promiscuous but only within one gender, we wouldn't be "anything that moves", right? Sigh.

But I haven't seen the doc, so who knows, it might fly in the face of my expectations.
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For anyone left who hasn't seen this.

Yes, it'd be much, much, much better if it was LGBT rights since if someone's going to hate homosexuals, they ain't gonna hate bisexuals any less (in some cases, I've found it's more, because we're "confusing"), to say nothing of what trans people face.

And yes, I didn't need to see Lady Gaga, particularly her "Bless God and bless the gays!" bit.

But this is vital, so important, and still so necessary. Watch to see how far we've come and how far (obviously) we still have left to go. I'd love to see this doc get made, particularly if it's given a bigger presence to the B & T of LGBT.
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Once upon a time, there were two princesses.

“Why are we princesses and not queens?” asked one asked one day, indignantly.

“Why do we have to be a part of the monarchy altogether? Doesn’t it just reinforce the unjust class system?”  wondered the other princess.

“I’ve got an idea! How about we run away and become Robin Hood together!”

And so the princesses ran away, living a life of adventure affecting positive social change and toppling the concept of wealth without work.

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I debated putting this on my LJ. It's exactly what it says. Does it really need attention?

Yes, even if you can't watch it.
Because it's tangible proof, evidence that this (still) exists. In what could be called the golden age of citizen journalism, atrocity is at least not afforded the silence and invisibility it once was, even if we can't directly end it.

On this Coming Out Day, I present this as evidence of why this work is still important. This video's description is given as just Africa, but many have suggested it's Uganda specifically (the UB article cites several media outfits reporting), the country with the proposed "Kill the Gays" bill.
While we in this country we are privileged enough to have such actions be illegal, we must not falter and fool ourselves into thinking our work is done here or anywhere else.

The subject of this video was someone's son. He was a little boy who played, he was an awkward teenager, he was a human being who was murdered brutally for no better reason than the fact he was gay and therefore "different". The group Support Gay Marriage Across America cites this senselessness as "the byproduct of what American conservative evangelicals have been exporting to Africa. Hatred pure hatred."

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Use your horror and your outrage to do something, to speak out. Even if you aren't political and never have been, this is the perfect example of why you should be, even a little bit. Vote and keep public office free of people that think homosexuality is a sin, something to be "healed", akin to bestiality and pedophilia, and anyone else that thinks an obscure passage in ONE RELIGION'S holy book that is trumped by the greater message of said religion.
Accept nothing less than equality.

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr
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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one and two, just in case you're curious.) This was a library request.


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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one and two, just in case you're curious.) This was a library request.


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From the description:

James Franco (as Allen Ginsberg) and Aaron Tveit (as Peter Orlovsky) in the film "Howl".

Although Peter Orlovsky isn't in this film with as great of a presence as he was in Allen Ginsberg's life, his brief presence in the film is full of love and happiness.

And kissing.

Go see this movie. Or rent it and savour it in the privacy of your living room.

I've yet to see this film.
I have to say, I was doubtful at Franco portraying Ginsberg until I Googled "young+allen+ginsberg" and he's not a bad likeness, nor is Tveit to Orlovsky, and the scene on the bench is adorably close.

And, um, unf.

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