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...Yeah, I used that same stupid joke before.

But my eljay still means a lot to me (obviously) and it didn't feel right to have the same layout I had five and half years ago (holy crap, do you realize how many "me"s that was ago?!).

So this, while not particularly original, is not the same theme at which I've stared for five and half years (and was damn proud to make, I might add-- and I'm still proud of it, just... ready for something else) and looks fresh and shiny and new!

 photo tumblr_m1ie6kcTmg1qeweuno1_500_zps177e3a90.gif

I've got some tweaking to do, but this is a great start, especially when a big good change is finally gonna come.
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“Out of the Inkwell: The Ouija Board” (1920) - Max Fleischer

Out of the Inkwell, 1920

I miss LiveJournal, but I have no books to file yet, it's not a Sabbat nor an Esbat, and no srs bsns posts (although I might be working on some, just to get them out of my head). THUS THIS MEME.

· Leave me and I'll tell you the origin of my LJ name.

· Leave me and I'll tell you one of my phobias.

· Leave me and I'll tell you one of my favorite songs.

· Leave me § and I'll tell you why I picked my current mood theme.

· Leave me and I'll tell you an LJ crush.

· Leave me and I'll tell you the first LiveJournal I followed.

· Leave me and I'll tell you which I prefer, hot or cold.

· Leave me and I'll tell you a favorite food.

· Leave me and I'll tell you a source of inspiration.

· Leave me and I'll tell you about my first LiveJournal and/or why I got into LiveJournal.

· Leave me and I'll tell you something that always makes me happy.

· Leave me Þ and I'll tell you a favorite film and my favorite line from it.

· Leave me and I'll tell you my lucky number.

· Leave me ϟ and I'll tell you a song I've been listening to a lot lately.

· Leave me and make me choose a singer! ________ or ___________?

· Leave me ✖✖ and make me choose a book! ________ or ___________?

· Leave me ✖✖✖ and make me choose a character! ________ or ___________?

NOTE: You are free to ask more than one question. Given that this place is too quiet these days, I'm not expecting a whole lot of traffic (although it would be nice).
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If you, like me, love screwing around with the user and comm icons for your LJ and have been annoyed as fuck that LiveJournal did something to their goddamn coding so that they don't work, THERE'S A SOLUTION!

From [Bad username or site: @], posted at [Bad username or site: @], there is a magical, wonderful
Tiny Icon Generator!

Malionette's tiny icon generator

If you have no idea what the hell "custom" icons are but are now intrigued, there are some popular sets here. And of course, the instructions are easy and the generator easier than that. NO LONGER SHALL YOU TOIL UNDER LJ'S USERHEAD TYRANNY.
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Knowing I have many like-minded on my f-list that might be hunting for a good icon (or who'd enjoy such an icon), [Bad username or site: @] has produced some fabulous feminism-themed icons here. The last calls to mind one bullet (ha!) we dodged from the VP seat a couple years ago. Enjoy, comment, credit, kiddies.
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Courtesy picturiapress on Flickr

Da Rulez
Comment this entry telling me what you like about my journal (this can be anything and everything from content to layouts to mood themes to user pics to tags to pictures to reworked text).
In return, post this on your journal and I'll tell you what I like about yours.
Spread the f-list love!

Any takers? I'm aware my style on all these fronts is an acquired taste.
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As per usual when I find fabulous icons, I must pass them along (particularly in these very sad days without my hard drive). For fans of the "Mr/Little Miss" series, here's some lolarious parodies. Probably NSFW (but the writing is super small); I'm becoming a big fan of [Bad username or site: @]'s stuff.
Shiny new default icon (you know you were looking at it) courtesy of [Bad username or site: @] from art made by Colorblindme.
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Hello, icon-lovers! Announcement of new, pretty GLBT (and GLBT supportive) icons! And yes, they really do have ALL the letters in the GLBT. I'm particularly fond of #58. Do check 'em all out here! Credit [ profile] croatoan6000.
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Icon lovers on my list, there's a fabulous batch of icons you need to see here, created by [Bad username or site: @]. Warning: artistic female nudity. Beautiful sets from Leonard Nimoy's kickass The Full Body Project (please see his wonderful interview on The Colbert Report here and celebrate him for the feminist he is) and from Women at Large.

We easily forget that beauty can come in all sizes and "fat" doesn't automatically equal "unhealthy" (nor thin = healthy). There's also some lovely icons of the Venus of Willendorf (Ancient Mother I hear You calling...).
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I was going to spend this lovely extra time I've been given with the internet connection to post something worthwhile, but nearly all of my stuff is on my hard drive which is currently under lock and... something. So here instead is a meme.


Da Rulez
Pick any of my tags and I'll tell you what they mean.

Given the way I name tags, I wouldn't blame you for being curious. Ask away, list is here.

So Gay!

Nov. 2nd, 2009 06:10 pm
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For all the GLBT and GLBT-supports on my f-list, if I may alert you to a fabulous post of GLBT icons. I know many of you have been looking for some and these are, well, fabulous (and genuinely GLBT). I'm still deciding on which to steal.
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Thanks to a server fuck-up, paid account users are getting a free three-day extension (provided we notice and request it). Hit it here (and no, this isn't spam).

Thanks to [Bad username or site: @] for the heads-up.
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... and/or people that like Baltimore. I'm aiming to make a color bar for Baltimore as I've yet to see one. I'm stuck since we have such an embarrassment of riches (so to speak) when it comes to landmarks/stuff to put on the bar.

I'm going to have to put a pink flamingo on the side since our native son, the divine John Waters, has donated so much to the hip, exotic quality of our fair city.

Some examples of color bars done for places include these that I'm using for inspiration (that I ripped off from [Bad username or site: @]'s profile, where these ideas spawned in the first place):


Created by [Bad username or site: @]


And of course there is my Glen Burnie color bar (which is, of course, 80% in irony) that I made since frankly it was simpler than making a Baltimore color bar.

Any ideas are appreciated.
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Collecting testimonials for ye olde profile page! Please be so kind. I muchly enjoyed being referred to in product form. ^_^
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I'm thinkin' of making a Zoloft mood theme. There's just too many cute little expressions. Why don't they make a Zoloft bump stuffed toy? SO FREAKING CUTE. Someone get on this, stat!

If you have any Zoloft bump images (I've collected quite a few from the Google search, but not enough), plz 2 b sharin'? I thank you in advance.

ADDENDUM: How awesome would an animated mood theme be? Too bad I can't do 'em. But a gif of the Zoloft bump waddling along sadly and one where he's bouncing happily would be too sweet!

FURTHER ADDENDUM: I'm pretty sure this isn't the sort of thing [Bad username or site: @] has, but big ups go to [Bad username or site: @] for pointing me in that direction before to shamelessly steal ideas.
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While I was supposed to be doing laundry, I instead went apeshit retooling the CSS in this journal from one of [Bad username or site: @]'s lovely designs. And this was the one that I finally decided to go with until I can retool it myself!

I made the domo chan LJ markers because I'm lame.
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I found one of my old sketchbooks (OLD old) and for fun scanned the beejeezus out of it (omitting, of course, the requisite godawful teenage poetry, brimming with the lugubrious lucidity only such a medium has). After being reassured by my love [Bad username or site: @] that they weren't all godawful (she actually said they were wonderful but she's biased) I've opened them to the public via my art page or should you choose, my art MySpace.
A sneak preview, you ask? Cleverly assembled? WHY SURE!


That's right, if it existed in my brooding, 15/16-year-old mind and I felt the need to commit it to this particular sketchbook, it's (mostly) here!

Comments are love because I have an ongoing need for acceptance from anyone and everyone and I love you all.

And a note about my moods section: Yes, all my moods are Clara Bow. Yes, the current mood, "artistic", is actually Betty Boop. Why, you ask? Betty Boop was inspired by both Helen Kane and Clara Bow, among other Jazz Age personalities. Therefore, it can be argued that Betty Boop is an artistic rendering of Clara Bow. Also, she's damn cute.
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For those that loathe the new, extremely ugly LJ profile pages, there is a comm that you can join and make your disdain heard.

It's called [Bad username or site: @] and there's a petition you can sign and everything.

Also, this banner created by the very talented [Bad username or site: @] who suggests putting it into your profile page.

Hey, if you dislike it, why not try changing it? I may point out many LJ members are paying customers and also even if you're a plus, you still are directing traffic to a page with ads that LJ collects money from. Why not join in a mass cranky letter?
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I have now filled all 105 of my 105 icons. My time is WELL SPENT!
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I'd like to once again bestow my deepest, deepest, crazy deepest thanks to the two gorgeous babes who made my journal so pretty and who have allowed me to fill up my icon storage with all kinds of fun, crazy shit. [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @], you biyaatches rock mai SOCKS!
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Well, everyone else is doing it! )

My interests, as seen in my LJ profile, are a lot less weird than this would suggest.

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