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Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Trick-or-treat on Halloween!

NOTE: For this meme, I'm obviously focusing on the secular aspects of Halloween. I consider Hallows/Samhain to be a different entity, although similar, of course.

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Mar. 9th, 2013 05:17 am
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This should've been here awhile ago. This is magic and I can't believe it's so unknown.


Walt Disney was trying to expand the brand and go "high-brow" in the 1940s, Fantasia among the projects reflecting this. But unknown for decades was the fact he collaborated with Salvador Dali in the mid '40s. Due to financial strain in the company as well as World War II, the project was dropped, although the material was saved. After Dali's death, the work was discovered and, well, apparently Disney as a studio saves everything.

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“Out of the Inkwell: The Ouija Board” (1920) - Max Fleischer

Out of the Inkwell, 1920

I miss LiveJournal, but I have no books to file yet, it's not a Sabbat nor an Esbat, and no srs bsns posts (although I might be working on some, just to get them out of my head). THUS THIS MEME.

· Leave me and I'll tell you the origin of my LJ name.

· Leave me and I'll tell you one of my phobias.

· Leave me and I'll tell you one of my favorite songs.

· Leave me § and I'll tell you why I picked my current mood theme.

· Leave me and I'll tell you an LJ crush.

· Leave me and I'll tell you the first LiveJournal I followed.

· Leave me and I'll tell you which I prefer, hot or cold.

· Leave me and I'll tell you a favorite food.

· Leave me and I'll tell you a source of inspiration.

· Leave me and I'll tell you about my first LiveJournal and/or why I got into LiveJournal.

· Leave me and I'll tell you something that always makes me happy.

· Leave me Þ and I'll tell you a favorite film and my favorite line from it.

· Leave me and I'll tell you my lucky number.

· Leave me ϟ and I'll tell you a song I've been listening to a lot lately.

· Leave me and make me choose a singer! ________ or ___________?

· Leave me ✖✖ and make me choose a book! ________ or ___________?

· Leave me ✖✖✖ and make me choose a character! ________ or ___________?

NOTE: You are free to ask more than one question. Given that this place is too quiet these days, I'm not expecting a whole lot of traffic (although it would be nice).
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Courtesy The Daily What:

"Movie Trailer of the Day: A female soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan currently is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. The number of assaults in the last decade is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands.

This epidemic of rape within the U.S. military is exposed in The Invisible War, an “incendiary” new investigative documentary from Academy Award-nominated director Kirby Dick.

Winner of the Audience Award at Sundance, the film is in theaters June 22.

Each year, as you know if you read through this thing, I make a quasi-smart ass birthday list (and Solstice list) of things I want to see/want to see happen.

I’m adding (obviously with complete sincerity) that this movie becomes huge. That it becomes a best-selling documentary. That some serious fucking social change or at least some serious fucking consideration comes from this. Please, please, please.

We owe it to our veterans (and to every rape survivor and their allies) and their families and loved ones to pay attention to this film.
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The Fifty Books Challenge, year three! (Years one, two, and three just in case you're curious.) This was a library request.

FULL DISCLOSURE: M.G. Lord has become a friend of mine since I tracked her down on Facebook (hoping she had a personal page I could "fan") and she graciously tolerated my creepy, gushing fangirling of her seminal Forever Barbie (what Spin magazine deemed in its Riot Grrl issue essential Third Wave reading) which I voraciously consumed at fourteen and haven't been the same since.

FULL DISCLOSURE REGARDING FULL DISCLOSURE: I've been really looking forward to disclosing that.


From the Brilliant Cultural Historian M.G. Lord, an Intimate Examination of the Unexpected Feminist Content in Elizabeth Taylor's Iconic Roles.... )
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Saw this on the Bisexuality Is Real - It Exists
group. I really want to like it, for some documentary to tell our story, about the fact bisexuality is a legitimate orientation and not a fetish, and about the discrimination we face from within the Queer community.

But I see Dan Savage, Michael Musto, and, to quote a commenter on the linked Facebook page, "the tone of bisexuals being drugged out party kids who take their sexual cues from TV and are only bi cause they are the 'whatever generation.'"

I guess if we were promiscuous but only within one gender, we wouldn't be "anything that moves", right? Sigh.

But I haven't seen the doc, so who knows, it might fly in the face of my expectations.
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In a perfect world, Michael Bay (and creators like the abominations The Smurfs, G-Force, and so on) would have to panhandle to get his (and their) shit made, and this doc would have no problem coming into creation.
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From the description:

James Franco (as Allen Ginsberg) and Aaron Tveit (as Peter Orlovsky) in the film "Howl".

Although Peter Orlovsky isn't in this film with as great of a presence as he was in Allen Ginsberg's life, his brief presence in the film is full of love and happiness.

And kissing.

Go see this movie. Or rent it and savour it in the privacy of your living room.

I've yet to see this film.
I have to say, I was doubtful at Franco portraying Ginsberg until I Googled "young+allen+ginsberg" and he's not a bad likeness, nor is Tveit to Orlovsky, and the scene on the bench is adorably close.

And, um, unf.
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All About Evil Premiere
(with Peaches Christ & Mink Stole!)

Saturday, August 28th, 8pm
The Patterson Theater
3134 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, MD
$15, $13 members

Midnight movie impresario Peaches Christ (Joshua Grannell), returns to his home state of Maryland to premiere his film directorial debut: All About Evil. This twisted black comedy features Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Noah Segan, cult icon Mink Stole, and Cassandra Peterson (known better as Elvira!) Are the slasher films shown at the Victoria Theatre harmless DIY gore or....more?! Mink intros and Peaches performs before the screening! Q & A with Mink and Peaches after.

I've been invited to this by two friends of mine who are on the Creative Alliance committee. Anyone wanna come with me? You'd pay the reduced price and it's bound to be oddles of bizarre fun.

Here's the trailer:

Let's hope I don't start spazzing out like the Waters fangirl I am when I see Mink Stole and/or spazzing out when I see Natasha Lyonne who I've had a massive crush on since I was roughly sixteen. Good times.
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From the film version: imbibing poison is a perfect metaphor for enduring this travesty.

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Why do I find this so transfixing? Is it the exquisite animation? The cringe-worthy racism, even for the era? The plucky, hopeful sentiment, characteristic of the Roosevelt years (particularly the early ones)? Capturing toy sentience by animation sixty years before Toy Story? W.C Fields as a wobble toy?
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It was after seeing this clip on The AV Club's Our Favorite Film Scenes of The ’00s that I finally had to watch the movie (which I'd been planning to see anyway). Typical Pixar brilliance.

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EXQUISITE. Do not adjust your volume; it has no sound. Perhaps one of our talented vid makers can score it?
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This article was linked by Feministing in the "What We Missed" section. This article appeared on Sociological Images:

“The Killer Inside Me” Promo (NSFW! And Major Trigger Warning!)
by gwen, 11-09-09 12:27pm

Cate M. emailed us about the promo for the movie “The Killer Inside Me,” saying,

The level of violence is at NSFW levels and quite possibly one of the most ‘trigger warning’ vids I’ve ever seen used to promote a non-horror film.

We get a lot of submissions about sexualized violence toward women, so I thought, “well, ok, we’ll see.” And then I watched it, and at 1:15 in had to pause because I was already horrified. Here’s the whole 5:42 promo. It’s Not At All Safe for Work, and you won’t want to watch it if scenes of sexualized brutality toward women would be a trigger for you. And also, I guess, Spoiler Alert, if that’s your main concern.

UPDATE: The promo keeps being taken down; here’s a link that works for now, but I don’t know for how long.

Clearly, Casey Affleck’s character is a sadistic asshole (the cigar on the guy’s hand), but in the promo, at least, the graphic, sexualized violence is reserved for women…who also appear to like it, at least for a while. Jessica Alba gives in to him, and apparently starts a relationship with him, after he pulls her pants down and whips her. Perhaps that’s because she’s a prostitute; of course she’d like a dominant man who plays rough, right?

The thing is, you could make this movie and tell the same story without actually showing all the violence in such a graphic way. Movies imply things all the time. It’s a choice to show this type of violence toward women as a form of entertainment…and to show the women liking it.

See our posts on increases in violence toward women on primetime TV, sexualized violence on TV crime procedurals, and the movie “DeadGirl.”

My take? I like plenty of movies that are violent. But it's all about context, of course. And if, as the article points out, this indeed isn't a horror film... that's a lot of violent imagery and gore for a trailer. And the trailer bugs the fuck out of me since (among other reasons) it's splicing images of women being brutalized with the same women having what appears to be consensual sex with their attacker. Author Inga Muscio has written about the sexualization of rape in mainstream cinema (rape isn't disgusting and vile, it's just bad and kinda hot) and this seems to be an almost tailor-made example.
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What's that? A film based on a beloved book that doesn't look like it will anally rape my childhood memories?

We shall see.

Maurice Sendak is co-producer of this film, so my hopes are high.

Such a beautiful, beautiful book. Many a night I lay on my bed trying to make my bedroom grow and grow until it became a forest.
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So, you want to geek out about John Waters but don't know where to start? Let The AV Club be your guide. Courtesy The AV Club:

John Waters


by Keith Phipps, August 27, 2009
Get Your Geek On )

Polyester is my all time favorite movie ever made, so it's hard to argue with that. The rest checks out fairly well, too.

John Waters, you give me hope to carry on.
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I'm aware that Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is an almost farcically sexist story (times or no) despite being written by a woman (history's forgotten pioneer, Anita Loos) and the movie version manages to be even more... squirm-worthy, but goddamn if the song-and-dance numbers are glorious.

Someday, when I have my own cabaret, I'm going to find someone to perform this with me. The choreography in this film manages to be fairly simple but excellent: I'm not sure why it stands out to me. I contrast this to a film whose choreography was complex but intensely disappointing, the 2002 version of Chicago (which I still enjoyed). Maybe because I heard the score on that before I saw the movie?

As for this, provided you ignore the lyrics, it's still amazing. I knew the exact choreography by heart by the time I was thirteen (I remember as a wee tot my mother grousing over Madonna's "homage" in "Material Girl"). I still could probably feign a pretty close imitation, complete with lip sync.

When I was 15 (and had for the first time developed a figure that came anything close to Monroe) I found a pattern for this dress (a very poor one, I might add) and a suitable Marilyn wig. Thankfully I had the good sense not to pursue it, since the only place I would've worn it would've been to (yikes) school.

Say what you will about Monroe, but she had presence.

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