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The Blue Bird, 1918

I want to do to you what spring does to the cherry trees... )
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Dr Sally Ride

1951- 2012

Not only the first American woman in space, but the youngest American astronaut ever in space, and a lifelong advocate for teaching science in an accessible way to children, especially girls.

I’ve always thought she’s had a hand in my destiny in this life since she made history on the day I was born.

Thanks for everything, Dr. Ride.
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Swiped from (as per usual) [ profile] meaculpa_g, this surprisingly (for a bitter old crank like me) moving video.

Give it a watch and see if you aren't at least a little touched.

Description Man Asks Strangers Questions About Life, Love on the NYC Subway
To combat the no-eye-contact, keep-to-yourself mentality, he started spontaneously interviewing the people on his car. If they didn’t want to talk to him themselves, he asked them to pick out the next person he interviewed.
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Courtesy ☮freedom☮ on Flickr

I'm going to share something about me with you that you probably already know.

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Sunny Days

Nov. 12th, 2009 01:59 am
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Remember when children's television was good for something other than pushing merchandise?
Thanks for helping me learn to read, Sesame Street.
Here's the bit that terrified me to tears as a child, much to my parents' vast amusement and enjoyment.

Also, props to Bert and Ernie for being gay before it was even allowed. Duh, I knew that at age three.

Five Alive

Jan. 27th, 2009 12:44 pm
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Da Rules
List five books that have changed or seriously affected your life and why, then tag five people to do the same

[Bad username or site: @] Sez:
I ain't taggin' shit! If you feel so moved to take this meme, by all means, have it!

Five Books That Changed/Seriously Impacted My Life (in No Particular Order)
All is Revealed )

I'm sure if you ask me tomorrow or even tonight or a week from now, my answers will be different. Well, slightly. But I do have a core of about fifteen books (or so) that seriously impacted my life.

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