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Also Known As: Wort Moon, Oak Moon, Moon of Claiming, Moon of Blood (because of mosquitoes), Hay Moon, Maedmonat (Meadow Month), Ripe Corn Moon, Fish Moon, Hewimanoth (Hay Month), Fallow Moon, Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Meadow Moon

Element: water

Nature Spirits: hobgoblins (small, grotesque but friendly brownie-type creatures), faeries of harvested crops

Herbs: honeysuckle, agrimony, lemon balm, hyssop, mugwort

Colors: silver, blue-gray, green

Flowers: lotus, water lily, jasmine

Scents: orris, frankincense

Stones: pearl, moonstone, white agate, opal

Trees: oak, acacia, ash

Animals: crab, turtle, dolphin, whale

Birds: starling, ibis, swallow

Deities: Khepera, Athene, Athena, Juno, Hel, Holda, Cerridwen, Nephthys, Venus, Lugh

Power Flow: relaxed energy; preparing; succeeding. Dream-work, divination, and meditation on goals and plans, especially spiritual ones.

Mantra: I sense my connection to the Universe.

Info on This Moon From About Dot Com: July's full moon is known as the Blessing Moon, although it's also called the Meadow Moon. July was originally called Quintilus, but was later renamed in honor of Julius Caesar. This is a great time to do divination and dreamwork. Find a way to incorporate the watery energy of the Blessing Moon into your spell crafting and ritual. Enjoy the relaxing feeling of July's full moon and use it in your personal meditation.


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft by Denise Zimmerman and Katherine A. Gleason
The Mead Moon, also known as the Blessing, Lightning, or Thunder Moon, is a time of enchantment, health, rebirth, success, and strength. This is the time of the first harvests, when you begin to enjoy the fruits of your labors. This is also a time of celebration and magic. Remember that mead is the nectar of the Gods. Now is the time to gather your magickal herbs and do some prosperity magick so you get that raise for which you've worked so hard.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Paganism by Carl McColman
JULY (Mead Moon)-- Relax, have fun, tell stories and jokes.

The Craft - A Witch's Book of Shadows by Dorothy Morrison
Name: Wort
Cakes & Ale: herbal cookies and herbal tea
Colors: orange and green
Altar Decor: orange candles, bunches of vervain tied with ribbons
Incense: sage, lavender, and rosemary
Esbat Purpose: Celebrate perfect herbs, perfect harvest, and self-discovery
Try Drawing the Circle With: a bouquet of herbs and plants and your favorite herb tea

Witch's Brew: Good Spells for Peace of Mind by Witch Bree
July's Thunder Moon brings rain, the water of life, and cleansing storms.

Witches Datebook by Edain McCoy (2002)
The Oak Moon offers us security, vigor, courage, and healing energy. The old Irish word for oak has often been translated as "door," giving us a glimpse into its power as a portal between all worlds.

To attain strength or healing during the Oak Moon, you will need two oak twigs and two acorns. Hold a twig in each hand. Close your eyes and feel yourself being pulled to the center of all places as each twig leads you to a different world. When you feel you are at the oak's doorway, take an acorn in each hand; visualize one giving you strength, and the other taking away weakness or illness. Bury the acorn you feel is taking away your weakness-- preferably at the base of an oak tree-- and carry the other as a talisman of strength and well-being.

Witches Datebook by Edain McCoy (2003)
The Oak Moon marks the halfway point in the lunar year, and carries us across the threshold of the peak of the solar year. Just like a major midlife crisis or the sagging middle in a badly written movie, halfway points compel us to reflect on where we've been and where we're going.

Use the power of the Oak Moon to renew your commitment to your Deities and spiritual path. For this ritual, you will need three acorns and six candles. Under the moonlight, charge the acorns to represent your body, mind, and spirit. Light each candle to represent the six remaining Moons of the lunar year. Call out to your Deities and rededicate yourself to Them and Their service. Ask for the strength you need to continue on Their path throughout this year, or to change the direction of your path to correct an error in your ways. Bury the acorns to symbolize the planting of your rediscovered commitment.

Witches Datebook by Edain McCoy (2006)
The Moon illuminating the July night reassures us that the cycle of life is proceeding how it should. No matter how dark or uncertain the night, we can go to a window and see a pale yellow light falling across lush woodlands and growing fields. Mother Earth is still gestating with the coming harvest, and as with any mother-to-be, we can't count on a successful birth until it has been gathered in and we can hold it in our hands and hearts.

Under the Blessing Moon, pause to tally up your own blessings-- the ones you currently have, and those you hope to have in the near future. Write them down and allow the paper to remain out all night under the Full Moon. Be careful that not one ray of sunlight spills across your list. The Sun represents the self you show to the world, but the Moon represents your inner self. These are your private yearnings, and all good weavers of wishes know that keeping silent about your heart's desire is the quickest way to bring it to manifestation.

Witches Datebook by Ellen Dugan
The Full Moon in July heralds in the time of thunderstorms and the hottest days of the year, called the "dog days of summer." In ancient Egypt, the dog star, Sithor, rose with the sun the most extreme summer heat. This star was considered a second sun, which they believed added to the heat. Egyptians celebrated the "dog days" because, when the star rose with the sun, the Nile's annual flood would commence and bring life back to the land. In this time, it's easy to have short tempers and little patience. Under this Thunder Moon, you could work for patience, peace, and, of course, a cooling summer shower.

Under this steamy Thunder Moon so bright,
I call for patience, peace, and calm this night.
May a cooling summer rain come bless the land soon,
Bringing relief and joy to the earth like a boon.
For the good of all, with harm to none,
By the Thunder Moon, this spell is done!

Witches Datebook by Dallas Jennifer Cobb
Dive into the juicy energy of the July Full Moon and swim deep in Her blessed, abundant energy. Dream, meditate, and intuitively divine, there's great magical strength, power, and clarity in this time. Let visions flow, so you know how to best prepare for the hard work that harvest requires. Plan your steps to success, within the garden and within your life. Know what you will harvest, and how you will store it to sustain you throughout the winter-- that time of death and dark journeying. Gather herbs for drying and preservation, preparing for magic, medicine, and sustenance. And in a spirit of celebration, leave an offering in the moonlight, in the garden or out of doors, for the spirits of nature. Thank them for radiant abundance.

Wort Moon, Hay Moon, Thunder Moon protect
Under your light these herbs I collect,
Cerridwen, Athene, Holda, Venus,
In dreamwork and divination your spirits guide us.

Witches Datebook by Elizabeth Barrette (2010)
In Cherokee tradition, July is the Ripe Corn Moon. First sweet corn then dent corn ripen for harvest. As a staple food and sacred material, corn attracts much attention through its life cycle. To the Choctaw, this is the Crane Moon, recognizing those large water birds. The Dakota Sioux call this the Moon of Middle Summer. Indeed, for much of America so it is: the three hottest months are June, July, and August.

July brings a swell of new foods: corn and tomatoes are ripening along with many vine fruits such as squash and cucumbers. Visit your local farmer's market to enjoy fresh seasonal produce. Watch birds and other animals raising their young. But be careful. While the Sun has passed its peak at the Solstice, the heat is still increasing. Respect the Sun's power: avoid midday sunlight and excess exposure.

Rituals in July may celebrate staple crops such as corn or supporting crops such as squash-- whatever ripens in your area at this time. Rituals to honor the Sun, heat, light, and so forth are also appropriate. Magically, tap into the power of the Sun to fuel spells for success and prosperity.

Witches Datebook by James Kambos
The Thunder Moon, also known as the Blessing Moon, glows with a fiery splendor in the summer night. It takes on the colors of the seasons, frequently a lustrous blend of red, gold, and orange. During the Thunder Moon, the earth is almost ready to bless us with the harvest; gardens begin to produce heavily. And nature produces awesome spectacles of power- thunder, rain, and lightening.

Ask yourself what you want. Meditate deeply. Think of the richness in nature that surrounds us. Sit beneath the Thunder Moon until you feel its light penetrate and you have a tingling sensation. Raise your power hand and draw energy from the Moon. On your altar or other safe space burn a dark green candle. Cut a small amount of lemon balm and thyme if you can; think of your desire:

Garden grow and the orchard's fruit swell,
On this night of the Thunder Moon I perform this spell.
Beneath your light I've gathered lemon balm and thyme,
Hear my request-- what I want is mine.

Witches Datebook by Elizabeth Barrette (2016)
July marks the Fish Moon. This is when migratory fish such as salmon begin their runs, an event that spans several months as there are many different species and they cover a vast amount of territory. Some tribal people used to depend heavily on fish runs for their survival, and today this still plays a major role for some businesses and tourism. Fish brings an awareness of depth and clarity.

This ritual requires a natural body of water, such as a river or lake, with fish in it. Stand or sit on the shore and gaze into the water. Look for the bottom. Imagine yourself as a fish swimming through the water. Everyone has hidden depths and undiscovered talents.When you go down deep into yourself, what do you find? Are there currents you want to follow? Drop a pebble into the water and watch the ripples spread. Meditate on how the actions arising from within you will affect other people. What you can learn from fish as they seek things in the water? Feel your way through the depths.
When you are done, stamp your feet on the earth to ground yourself on solid land again.

A safe and happy holiday to all who celebrate~!

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